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Solopreneur Coffee Break, Issue #001 -- Time for a Coffee Break and think outside of the box
March 12, 2020

Welcome To The Coffee Break Newsletter

I have created the Coffee Break Newsletter exactly as that, a newsletter to go with your coffee break. Nothing too intrusive and definitely not full of advertising or upsells. It is going to be a newsletter to help you escape whilst on a break, and yes, have your coffee or whatever your tipple is whilst you are here.

I will add expanded articles from the Newsletter to The Coffee Shop on The UK Solopreneur website, articles that hopefully, make you think outside of the box. Articles that perhaps make you think that some of your money making ideas are not so crazy, profound, whacko, stupid or impossible!

The Coffee Shop is also going to be a place where you can comment and/or add your own article to The Coffee Shop. (articles will have to pass the publishable criteria though)

Here in the newsletter you will find articles about other real people and their ideas and see some of the success they have achieved. From a young teenage girl who took a tourist island idea to the nth degree with over a one thousand page website and beyond and is now a young lady with other ideas and websites making her mark as a very successful entrepreneur.

I’ll introduce you to a young man who was in his early twenties running a seasonal asphalt business, which meant he was effectively out of work during the freezing cold winter months to becoming a global enterprise with over a six figure turnover.

All of these come from an “Idea”. It's Not About Site Building, It's Not About Hosting, It's ONLY About Building a Profitable Business from an “Idea”.

Give me your idea or hobby, which I may know nothing about whatsoever and within an hour I will show you “Ideas” of how you can make an income from it.

This is what the Coffee Break newsletter and The UK Solopreneur Coffee Shop is going to be about. Ideas, innovation, invention, foresight, dream building and hopefully give someone the spark to make their dream become a reality.

Just remember that there is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme unless you buy a lottery ticket and win the jackpot. That also relies on actually buying a ticket that beats the odds. I know about those too, as one of my other sites is one that reviews the lotteries of the world, and yes, some of my best friends said it was a crazy idea when I started it. Not any more, especially if I buy a round of drinks.

I will have some interesting articles in the next Coffee Break Newsletter for you to hopefully make you think outside of the box, even if just a little bit.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next Coffee Break issue or The Coffee Shop - Micky Kidd

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