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How and Why I ended up with a Home Based Business
and Super Glad I Did It That Way

Hi, My name is Michael, Micky to those who know me well. That one stuck after I went to sea at 16 and it's my preferred name, no 'e', that's Disney

I live in Penzance, which is the far south west of Cornwall, England. Just one of the countless beauty spots of this wonderful planet we are so lucky to have.

I ended up in the catering and the service industry for most of my life but actually left school and started as an engineering apprentice because I always loved working with my hands. I just became an engineer of good food instead!

None of this was my real passion in life though, people were. Even on my first curriculum vitae interests section, I wrote, "my biggest interest in life is People, as that's what life is all about". Whatever we do, none of it happens without us, the people!

My second passion, especially after travelling the world and visiting some wondrous places (over 400 cities, towns and villages in over 42 countries) became photography! I still have the original 2nd hand "Zenith E" I first took away to sea now and with film in it. Yes, it still works well, although I do have a more up to date digital "Canon D30", That's the one I'm holding in the photo taken by a friend and associate in the photography world, Simon Green (he's a damned good photographer as well). That was my first exhibition in 2004.

So how did I come to be building a website
under the name The UK Solopreneur

So how did I come to be building a websites with subjects of Work at Home Business, Photography and design and web design and even one that reviews the World lotteries and Syndicates!

Well, life can take some funny twists and turns sometimes … and boy, did mine. Some good, some really good and some downright bad ones!

To cut a really long story shorter :-) I was managing a Pub in Penzance and decided to buy my own. I had the money in place and was gearing up for the exchange when bang! The sellers pulled out! Shoosh! What the hell, why, how? I do not really know. Maybe they were listening to whispers in the town that I didn't have that sort of cash. Thing is, I did, I even had spare at the time. Anyway, after paying off the legal fees for something I didn't get I was £3,500 less in pocket. Now here's the good twist….

After all that trying to buy fiasco I did not want to work for anybody but myself so started my own business in 2003/4 as a Photographer, designer, Printer (in a small way) and Arts and Crafts gallery following my passion of photography and the arts.

Boy 'o boy, was that a big learning curve. Even after being in senior corporate management (I had run the Hotel, Catering and facilities in the second largest M.O.D. base in Europe for 5 years) I had a lot to learn and I had to because it was my business.

Things were going good, hard work, but good. The 2006 forecast was set to blow the business out of the water and put me in good net profit for the first time then… Here we go again with one of those twists. Without warning, the bank took away my working capital (much needed) overdraft. Bang again, it killed my business dead in the water. I couldn't buy stock to print cards to sell or paper to print and the bills couldn't be paid. By January 2006 I had shut down my business and lost my house. In 4 short years, my half million pound goal had gone to losing the shirt off my back

I lived for 2 months in a friend's borrowed camper van on a pub car park in the middle of winter with no electric, brrrr! I had already got a job in an hotel then got a flat! Every penny I earned went to living though and I couldn't stop beating on myself for losing my Home! My mother lived with me when I had the cottage and she very luckily got re-housed to my great relief. Crazy isn't it, I was waiting outside the house for the bailiff to give him the keys. Would you give your keys away so easily, I couldn't flout the law.

Time to Re-Set the Life Goals

By the end of 2006 I had re-kindled some old friendships where I had become involved in multi-level and affiliate marketing. This went back to 1992/94 and wow! This kind of business had changed dramatically. I'd been really getting used to and to know the Internet as I used it in my business in the gallery and print store, but this was different. I re-joined an old team of entrepreneurs and fired up some of the recommended low start-up, low risk businesses they were researching. One of those was the e-Lottery Syndicates from Virtual World Direct. This was a business that could, if you put the energy into it, create a six-figure income. All for a joining fee of just 0 pounds! Too good to be true, that's what I thought. Until I started meeting the people whom had done this already and the people who I was involved with wouldn't have touched this if it wasn’t any good, illegal or unethical. I'd known some of these people as good friends for over 20 years. It really was a no-brainer and I do not mean any disrespect by that, or to de-value the business because it was real and it did work.

Well, this was the start. I already knew the principles of getting to the top. This time I knew the principle of not letting failure get in the way of success and somebody taking it away, never again. By the end of 2007 I was forging a good friendship with one of my upline affiliate associates Peter T. The team always said to talk to the upline member in the team who you related to best, well Pete was the guy who I could understand face to face. No Bull! But he had something I have as well! A burning desire to succeed and a passion for the business we had become involved with and most important, a love and interest in people!,

All through 2008 we researched more and more on, how and why some of the top e-lottery affiliates were getting their success. We did find out but along the way I/we also found and fell love with the rest of the gigantic world of the lottery. Our research was throwing up so much that we decided to put it all together in a couple of websites. If we create a good service and people are happy with it then that's great. If it helps to fan the flames of our burning desires and quench our thirst for the great interest in people we both have, and make an income, then that's even better. You see, none of this works without us, or you, or anybody, and when I go on field trips for research, I take the camera with me. Hey! That's two birds of passion with one stone.

The end of 2009 saw me re-firing my passions with my photography/graphics business and creating another website, www.just-snap-it.com (now gone)

Then I worked through the winter of 2009/10 to get my income at a reasonable level. I then started putting together all the knowledge and experience I have learned about self employment, working from and at home and all of the tips and tricks I have learned over the years. From being employed to being an employer. I gathered some of the old, tried and tested MLM experience, affiliate ideas, old and new. In a nutshell, I have looked at a great deal of the work at and work from home ideas as well as the self employed angle and taken all of the things that don't work out and put tons of resources together and www.simply-home-business.net was born (now gone).

All was going ok until the end of 2015 when I started to become ill.

The summer of 2015 was getting going good when I answered a call for help from my eldest niece in the North West of England where she was running a large public house. So, at the beginning of June I hopped on a plane in Cornwall and went up for a couple of weeks to help.

This two weeks ended up turning into three months in which amongst other things I rebuilt the bare bones and renovated a commercial kitchen for the pub. All this time as I had my laptop with me running my own business concerns.

Last day of August back on a plane back to Newquay and looking forward to an end of summer well earned break at home in Penzance.

Two weeks into September something wasn’t quite right. My usual walk to one of my local venues was taking longer and becoming painful. I shrugged this off thinking I’d just had a hard summer and it would go away.

The opposite happened and by October I went for a check up and tests and visits to a muscular skeletal consultant began followed by scans.

By early 2016 wheels became a necessity in the form of a mobility scooter. From here on work began to suffer as pain and spinal stenosis took over.

Hospital visits/procedures by Easter and October 2016 brought some recovery back to walking but unable to carry more than 5 pounds in weight as this made walking very painful. However by the end of the year it got worse again and progressively so, requiring the acquisition of a more permanent mobility scooter.

Although I was able to walk around the apartment and local pub and shops, any distance more than 30 yards required the assistance of my wheels, as I call them, my legs. To do a really good weeks shopping would definitely need the use of the scooter to carry the weight home.

By early 2019, lower back, leg and foot pain and serious night cramps were affecting health and the will and concentration to work, even at the home office desk.

Income as a self-employed person was now becoming a concern for me. It was an effort to keep up with everything, work concentration especially and scooter maintenance and new parts

The beginning of May 2019 saw me with a deep skin infection after another hospital procedure and this time it  developed into an arterial lesion in the left ankle knuckle and a venous ulcer on the lower right leg, both of which would not heal up, instead, just became worse. Further investigation by a different consultant discovered at the end of October 2019 that my lower body and leg blood flow was compromised.

Emergency scans were arranged and shortly followed by arterial and vein surgery to successfully restore the compromised blood flow. The surgeon said he might be able to give me my legs back for Christmas.

This would have been the best present ever apart from the very fact my family and I lost my mother on the 18th November 2019, the day before the first op to restore the arterial blood flow which I still went ahead with. Although elated about the success of the op, I was devastated by the loss of my mother to whom I was very close and now unable to share my good news with.

After the second op, albeit not so complex but just as important to finish the job in December 2019, the extra blood flow replaced the excruciating pain with healing pain. At least I could now sleep at night and start healing.

Remember that my lower body has been starved of blood for over 3 years and has suffered accordingly, especially my lower core strength and stamina. Although because of previous history I will not be able to carry any significant weight but with time, work and effort, walking will improve and I can start to focus more on work and getting things done.

2020 A New Chapter

The new chapter starts with – This is where The UK Solopreneur all started and this website was born. It would not have been possible without all that previous history, however, all that previous history enabled me to be able to work at home.

I am recovering, albeit slowly but my mind is well alive and now on fire with getting everything I had online before, back up here. Apart from my lottery review site I shut down all the others and created this one to focus on what is real and what really matters.

That’s how and why I ended up with a Home Based Business and Super Glad I Did It That Way because my mobility is now very restricted.

I will share with you how I go about working at home and what does and doesn’t work. How I’ve set up my home office to suit me. How I discipline my work schedule and split it with home comforts and exercise not forgetting the all important leisure time.

I hope you enjoy The UK Solopreneur and tell me if there are things I can add for you to make your visits better. I will be starting a newsletter and ezine to keep you up to date with what's going on in the world of Work at Home Business at The UK Solopreneur with any breaking news on opportunities.

When summer 2020 begins, I will add a new update chapter to this “About Me” and hopefully it will show some of you out there that it is possible for you to work at home. Even if you are a completely fit and able person but just want a life change in your choice of income making possibilities.

Yes I'm happy, I'm a people person, are you?

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined".
Henry David Thoreua.

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